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I think it’s important to stress how valuable and insightful we found this project. It has changed the way we think about our fan development work.

Richard Fox, Club Services Strategy Analyst Australian Football League

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.id applies a spatial, demographic lens to the location decision. We understand how cities are growing and changing and help our clients use this knowledge to decide where and when to invest in infrastructure, services and marketing effort.

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Harness our curiosity and passion for cities. We are driven by a strong desire to contribute to a better Australia, and so we are excited by the projects we engage with and genuinely interested in the outcomes. We work collaboratively with our clients to scope the work and then design projects that are practical, achievable and dynamic. The results of our consulting projects are often delivered in an online spatial application, allowing easy, visual access to the results.

Trusted data source

More than 250 councils in Australia and New Zealand subscribe to .id’s local government information resources, making it the trusted industry source for local government decision making for almost 20 years. This close relationship with local government, who are the gatekeepers of development, as well as close ties with the development industry, give .id a unique perspective into where and when development is occurring. It also means you’ll be using the same data source as the likely gatekeeper to your project.

Specialist team

Have Australia’s largest specialist demographics team work for you. Build a dream team of spatial consultants, urban planners, population forecasters, Census data experts, data management specialists and urban economists to answer your critical where and when location questions.


We really valued being able to sit down and talk through problems and develop an elegant solution that worked. .id’s approach of delivering information in an online application facilitates this approach because we could build the data to answer one problem and then work through the problems in a staged and methodical way. Test a hypothesis, visualise it and then use the spatial patterns to inform the next stage of the analysis. We ended up with a strong sense of confidence that our network planning is based on a strong evidence base and narrative that everyone can understand which makes it easier to gain support for change.

Richard Brown, National Productivity Manager Australian Red Cross Blood Service

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