Data management & visualisation

Turn your data into knowledge

Many organisations hold large volumes of data that could provide them with oodles of insight if only they could get it to release its secrets. The promise of ‘big data’, or any data for that matter, can be an empty one if you don’t have the tools or expertise to coax it to your bidding.

As demographers we deal with large complex data sets all the time – Census data, our own data and our clients’ data. At the heart of things, we are data wranglers – and we can help turn your data into a powerful decision making tool.

Select the right data

We take a ‘less is more’ approach and help you choose only the data that will answer your questions, rather than piling in all possible data sets and hoping the answers will fall out.

Connect the data

We connect different data sets together so that you can see the relationships between them. This often feeds back into our clients’ data management processes so that they are collecting and storing their data in a more effective way.

Make it spatial

We convert client data (customers, service locations, services, competitors, catchments etc) into valuable, geospatial information so you can see it all in one place, on a map, and connect the dots.

Manage complex data issues

Data is complex. It can be stored in different formats, for different geographic boundaries and time periods. It can be poorly stored – in a hotchpotch of databases and spreadsheets – or not stored at all. We’ve seen it all. We’ve dealt with it all. This is what we do.

Where are your opportunities located?

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