Economic analysis & strategy

Do you work in economic development or strategic planning?

Do you know the impact of macroeconomic and demographic drivers on your local economy? Do you need to understand the impact of land use changes on the economy? Have you identified your economy’s comparative advantages or key threats to growth? Is there a mismatch between population growth and local jobs available? Our urban economists can help you answer these kinds of questions.

Economic development strategies

We use our suite of economic and demographic tools to identify industry and employment trends, labour force skills, competitive strengths, strategic industries, trade links, supply chains, tourism, gaps and future drivers of growth. We use this information to development strategies to foster economic growth and leverage off major economic drivers.

Economic SWOT analysis

Need an analysis of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats before you embark on more detailed economic research? Want a different perspective about the drivers of your economy? Want to know how the population pressures and demographic shifts impact on economic growth?

Activity Centre analysis and strategies

Population and demographic shifts drive the activity and performance of our Activity Centres and shopping centres. We bring together the best population forecasts in the business ( to identify future demand for Activity Centres as well as emerging gaps. We can also bring together our understanding of the housing market to provide a complete mixed use picture of Activity Centre opportunities.

Strategic industry analysis

We use and other key economic indicators to identify which industries drive the local economy and who do they employ? This analysis can identify the blue chip industries as well as emerging industries and niche sectors. This is a great first step in development a business engagement plan.

Employment projections

By undertaking an analysis of historical employment and economic trends back to 1992 we can identify key relationships between local economic performance and variables such as local population growth and state economic growth. Indicative forecasts can then be developed using our understanding of future growth to estimate future local employment needs. Depending on the nature of the job we can leverage off the economic modelling skills of NIEIR to develop more detailed projections.

Employment land use needs

We bring together our understanding of industry growth by industry and value add to identify their future land use needs. This includes industrial, retail and commercial requirements.



Tourism profiling

Is the visitor economy a strategic sector in your region? Are you looking to understand your market better to target a new tourism campaign? We combine with specific data from Tourism Research Australia to answer key questions such as how the industry is growing over time, who are the key visitor segments, what factors are influencing visitation in your region, and how major events contribute to the economy. This analysis can be used to identify actions to address challenges or grow opportunities.

Where are your opportunities located?

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