Geospatial & location analysis

Do you need to answer the ‘where’ questions?

Where are my customers located? Where are my services and facilities located? Where are my competitors located? Where are the gaps? Where are the opportunities going to be in the future? And don’t you just wish you could see all of this on a map? .id has a team of spatial strategy consultants who love answering these questions.

Market demand analysis

We identify, quantify and map your target populations based on demographic characteristics. We forecast the size and location of target markets in future.

Market supply analysis

We map yours and your competitors’ service and facility locations in relation to target populations.

Catchment analysis

We map your customers in relation to your locations to understand how they are distributed and build catchments. We analyse your market penetration within each catchment to assess the performance of different locations. We overlay demographic data to identify where the best opportunities to improve performance are located.

Network planning

Identifying opportunities to expand (or rationalise) services or facilities by identifying untapped areas with favourable demographic characteristics, future growth prospects and an undersupply of services.

Geocoding addresses and database management

We convert your data about customers, service locations, services, competitors, catchments etc into valuable, geo-spatially enabled information.

Dynamic, visual reporting

We present spatial information in .id Placemaker – our mapping and reporting platform that brings all the layers together in one view that represents your business. It puts all of this data back into the hands of people making decisions.

Where are your opportunities located?

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