Housing market analysis

Are you a strategic planner revising your council’s housing strategy?

Do you need to get the community on board with your housing policy? Are you wondering how to respond to housing affordability issues? Are you concerned about losing key workers? .id has a particular interest in how housing policy impacts on communities and works with local governments to inform their strategies.

Evaluate housing demand

Shifts in housing consumption and preferences are occurring as a result of demographic and social change. How is demand changing in your local government area and how are you responding? We analyse housing and demographic data to answer:

  1. What types of dwellings are there?
  2. What types of households live in the area?
  3. Which households consume which types of dwellings?
  4. What are the implications and opportunities for the future?

Identify housing opportunities

What opportunity is there to meet the changing demand for housing? We quantify the opportunities to increase housing supply in a way that facilitates diversity and choice.

Analyse housing affordability

Who is being priced out of your community by rising housing costs? We analyse housing data to identify whether housing stress and homelessness are occurring, where it is occurring, who is experiencing it and what can be done.

Communicate with stakeholders

We have great empathy for the tension that exists between planners, who often advocate for increased housing choice and densification, and the community which often resists this. We present the results of our work as a narrative that helps create common ground between the different stakeholders.

What are the impacts of your housing policies?

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