Local area profiling & analysis

Do you need to understand the characteristics of people living and working in a particular area?

Perhaps you’re applying for funding for service provision. Maybe you’re developing local area strategic plans? Do you need help building and interpreting your evidence-base? .id has the largest team of demographic specialists in Australia.

Community profiling

We convert demographic data into a narrative about the people who live in an area (suburb, local government area, region or catchment), where that area is in a cycle of change and what the implications are for planning, housing and services.

Economic profiling

We convert economic data into a narrative about the structure of a local economy (local government area, region), the people who live and work in it, how it is changing and what opportunities that creates for economic development.

Population forecasting

We analyse what is driving population change in an area and the expected population and age structure outcomes from now to 2041.

Housing markets analysis

We analyse the demand for housing in an area in relation to the available supply. We quantify the opportunities to increase housing supply in a way that facilitates diversity and choice.

Communities of interest

We support service delivery planning by analysing target populations based on age (youth, elderly etc), disadvantage, disability and ethnicity. We identify where these groups are located and how they are changing.

Access hundreds of local area profiles online

.id have built over 600 websites containing local area demographic and economic information. This includes community profiles, social atlases, population forecasts and economic profiles. You can access them for free at the Demographic Resource Centre.
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What are the characteristics of your community?

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