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Develop, implement and monitor the right strategy for your economy tells a cohesive story of your local economy – how it is changing, how it compares to other areas.

The tools in help you gain insight into how well your economy is performing to attract investment, grow jobs and create wealth. These tools include:

  • Economic Impact Assessment Modelling
  • Event Impact Calculator
  • Industry modules for agriculture and tourism

Over 80 councils across Australia subscribe to and provide access to this valuable resource on their website or through .id’s demographic resource centre.

Community groups, investors, business people, students and council staff use to:

  • See how different industry sectors contribute to the economy
  • Develop effective economic strategies
  • Promote the economy and attract investment to create jobs
  • Quantify the effect of adding (or losing) jobs from the economy
  • Quantify the impact of running events
  • Support funding submissions with powerful evidence
  • Share economic information with local businesses
  • develop of local industries and attract new industries
  • Educate council staff and councillors about their local economy
  • Build confidence in decision making

Learn more about’s functionality enables us to have reliable economic information on hand quickly to promote our local economy to visitors and investors, and support our submissions to other tiers of government.

Greg Male, Mayor Monash City Council, VIC

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