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Combine our spatial population knowledge with your business data in an easy-to-use web-based platform.

.id Placemaker adds new perspective to your business planning, providing a powerful view of the future.

Invest in the right place at the right time

Visualise demand

Most enterprises exist to meet the needs of a group of people. Demographics is the key to knowing where those people are. The best way to consume this information is in a map. You can quickly see hot spots of demand and how that will change in the future.

Visualise supply

How well are your services and facilities located to meet the underlying demand? What about your competitors? Do you know where you will need to be in the future? Seeing your supply information overlaid on the demand maps immediately points to issues and opportunities.

Explore opportunities

Combine your business data with our population forecasts and get unprecedented insight into how and why populations are changing and therefore where and when to respond. Placemaker lets you explore “what ifs” and discover opportunities you didn’t know existed.

Share and present

Present the evidence in a visually compelling way. If you are making a location decision, then it makes sense to have that discussion around a map – and when you can interact with and explore the map, you quickly create engaging discussion and stakeholder buy-in.

Made for decision makers

Placemaker’s web-based mapping platform puts the power of exploration and decision making back into the hands of decision makers. Placemaker removes technical burdens and complexity and provides answers quickly and intuitively.

Take it on the road

Seeing the future has never been simpler. Combine your business data with our population insights in an easy to use web-based platform and take it on the road.

Our knowledge & your business data in one elegant platform

Placemaker combines our population insights with your business data, into an easy to use yet powerful cloud-based platform designed for decision makers. All of this is set up and managed for you. We select and prepare the data, customise and manage placemaker in the cloud so that you can focus on discovering what you need to know.

  1. See points of supply 
    Facilities, service locations, infrastructure points
  2. Understand demand using thematic maps
    Use customer penetration data from your business, Census data or .id’s small area population forecasts (SAFi)
  3. Define your areas
    See the world at the right level of detail, right down to small areas, or define a custom catchment area
  4. Base map
    Select from road maps, satellite maps and hybrids of both

Placemaker assists us to make confident decisions about when and where to invest for future school development in Victoria.

Patrick Love, Manager Planning Catholic Education Office, VIC

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