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Location IQ


Multiple data sources to manage and validate


Adopted SAFi forecasts to underpin all analysis


Streamlines the analysis process and provides confidence to the analyst and their client.

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Location IQ is a leading property economics firm that uses .id SAFi population forecasts to underpin the location and advisory services it provides across all property sectors, with an expertise in retail property.

Location IQ’s research identifies the key areas of demand for different types of goods or services, and in doing so, points to the most strategically and financially beneficial location for any business. Clients range from major national retailers such as Woolworths, property developers such as Lend Lease, Stockland and The GPT Group and private developers, medical and university student accommodation service providers to name a few.

Across a majority of projects that Location IQ undertake, defining a catchment area and providing robust current and projected population figures is the building block of the analysis. To this end, Location IQ source a range of population projections (i.e. State Government, Local Council etc.) and undertake their own research to confirm these figures at a local level. Location IQ has used .id population forecasts for a number of years and in 2014, following the release of the Western Australian SAFi data, Location IQ purchased the complete SAFi population projection data set to help inform their population projections.

.id is a leader in the field of demographic and spatial analysis and has a reputation for quality and diligence when it comes to population projections. Location IQ is pleased to be using the SAFi data set on an almost daily basis.

Greg Malempre, Director of Location IQ

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