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Harnessing Census data for Community Services teams

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Demographic clusters

Are you helping new arrivals or cultural groups thrive in Australia?
Are you delivering services for elderly people or those who didn’t complete high school?

Census Explorer helps you target your services by pinpointing clusters of people who share similar characteristics. See areas with high concentrations of older people, ethnic groups, low English proficiency and over 30 other characteristics.

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Need for assistance

The latest SEIFA figures, socio-economic indices and Need for Assistance data give you a clear picture of where support services are needed most in your community.

These datasets are included in our standard subscription to Census Explorer.

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Powerful advocacy

We know the work of community services groups doesn’t stop at service delivery.

Census Explorer gives you up-to-date, local data in a format that lets you tell a powerful story to attract funding and drive awareness.

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National coverage, local detail

Detailed demographic data. Visual, interactive and all in one place.

From big picture trends to detailed local insights, it’s all there.

Need more detail? Just zoom in.

Report and export

Built-in mini-reports give instant insights straight from the map and master reports provide the detail you need.

Choose and refine the data you want, then export to Excel, Word or as a PDF report.

Unrestricted reporting and exporting are included in our standard subscription.

Beyond data

Census Explorer is created by .id – the population experts.

With specialised expertise in demographics, population forecasting and urban economics, we have a huge library of free resources, including free eBooks, grant application guides and more, to share our expertise and help you tell the important stories about your community.

Take a tour

In just two minutes, this short video shows how Census Explorer presents Census data about housing, transport, employment and income, education and other characteristics of your community in an intuitive, easy-to-use mapping format.

Data included

Placemaker Census Explorer lets you visualise and report on a wide array of topics about your community.

The following datasets are included in the standard tier subscription to Placemaker Census Explorer. For more information about the detailed data subsets within each category below, please get in touch with us here.


  • Population by gender
  • Age structure (5 year age groups), by gender
  • Age structure (service age groups), by gender
  • Household types
  • Indigenous population
  • Indigenous population by age


  • Ancestry
  • Country of birth
  • Year of arrival in Australia
  • Language spoken at home
  • Proficiency in English
  • Marital status
  • Religion
  • Need for assistance by age
  • Volunteer work
  • Socio-economic indices


  • Dwelling structure
  • Household size
  • Housing tenure
  • Housing loan repayment quartiles
  • Housing rental payment quartiles


  • Highest qualification level
  • Education institute attending

Work and income

  • Labour force and employment
  • Occupations
  • Industry of employment
  • Individual income quartiles
  • Household income (equivalised) quartiles

Transport and communication

  • Car ownership
  • Method of travel to work
  • Internet connection

Still not sure?

You’ve probably got a specific question you need answered. Get in touch with our team and tell us what you’re working on – they’ll be able to tell you whether Placemaker Census Explorer can get you closer to an answer.

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