Explore Census information visually

The easiest way to navigate demographic data

A web-based mapping application to analyse Census datasets spatiallyMore useful analysis. Less time in spreadsheets.

National coverage, local detail

Explore demographic data from the Australian Census.

Visual, interactive and all in one place.

From big picture trends to detailed information for local areas, it’s all there.

Need more detail? Just zoom in.

First, visualise

Forget wrangling figures in spreadsheets.

Visualise population using an interactive map. Choose a topic you’re interested in and a geography that is relevant to your needs.

It’s easy, intuitive, and more fun than two hours of pivot tables.



Report and export

Need numbers or maps? 

We’ve got you covered.

Built-in mini-reports give instant insights straight from the map and master reports provide the detail you need.

Choose and refine the data you want, then export to Excel, Word or as a PDF report.

Complete list of topics

Access a range of topics captured in the Census by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

See the distribution of your population for topics including gender, age, ancestry, religion, housing, education, income and many more.

Interested in a particular topic? Ask us what’s included.

What’s changing?

Point-in-time data is helpful sometimes, but the most compelling stories come from showing how your place has changed over time.

Choose a single point-in-time, or visualise change over time from 2016 back to 2011 and 2006.

Custom catchments

The place you’re interested in doesn’t always neatly match Census data boundaries.

Build your own custom catchment areas that match your needs, then analyse information for your chosen area.