Demographic consulting services

Harness our demographic expertise

Need the evidence to inform community or strategic planning, policy development, advocacy efforts, grant funding applications and investment decisions? We help you build and interpret the evidence base you need to support community decision making.

Our analysis brings demographic data to life using a story-based approach that translates complex information into memorable narratives about places. As storytellers, we convey and amplify key messages, helping you visualise trends and bring stakeholders along on the journey.

Demographic consulting

Benefit from our in-depth knowledge of people and places

Place-based analysis

Understand cities, regions and communities – their role and function, how they compare, how and why they are changing. Examine the dominant and emerging demographic characteristics of a place such as age, disability, disadvantage, education, employment and income.


Community profiling and catchment analysis

Understand local areas and communities of interest through their demographic characteristics relating to people, households and housing. We align demographic analysis to relevant geographic boundaries that translate into community planning scenarios.


Needs assessments and impact modelling

We understand how populations change over time and use demand forecasting to model future populations in different locations. We can model potential outcomes for community projects and provide specialised demographic forecasts to help you quantify the need for community facilities and services.


Issue-based analysis

We use location-based demographics to inform planning for socioeconomic or demographically targetable issues such as ageing and retirement, childcare and education, disability and disadvantage, health and well-being.


Housing analysis and strategy

Our rigorous framework and proven methodology analyses housing consumption patterns, capacity and affordability to inform responsible housing policy – sustain your population base, protect key residential areas from inappropriate development and respond to changing needs for development.


Executive briefings

Harness our demographic expertise to update key stakeholders on the latest population trends in your community. These sessions inform leaders and decision makers about the key issues they need to know, providing a macro view of trends in Australia and highlighting the local area’s role and function in this context.

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