Housing market analysis

Harness our knowledge of demographics and dwellings

Are you a strategic planner revising your council’s housing strategy? Wondering how to respond to housing affordability issues or concerned about losing key workers? Do you need to get the community on board with your housing policy?

We use our extensive knowledge of Australian communities to help local governments plan for future housing growth, analysing what’s driving changes and understanding how and where local housing patterns will play out in the future.

Housing analysis for a vibrant, sustainable community

Understand the relationship between dwellings and households in your area

Evidence-based housing strategies

.id’s robust framework for developing housing policy is designed to meet the needs of changing households, sustain the population base and protect key residential areas from inappropriate development. We prepare detailed a evidence base about housing consumption patterns and housing capacity and opportunities (supply) to inform housing strategies and strategic planning activities. Our analysis answers key questions about how the population is changing, how households are changing, how dwelling stock is changing, which households live in different types of dwellings, and where residential development is occurring.


Dwelling and household analysis

We analyse housing and demographic data to answer key questions about the type of dwellings and households in an area, including understanding the type of households that consume different types of dwellings. We explore the implications of these questions and examine opportunities for the future.


Urban renewal precinct forecasts

Engage Australia’s biggest and most trusted forecasting team to build a reliable population and household forecast for your Urban Renewal Precinct or Activity Centre. id’s robust population forecast models can be customised to provide you with in-depth knowledge of how an Urban Renewal Precinct population will change over time.


Supply and demand evaluation

How is housing demand changing in your local government area and how are you responding? Shifts in housing consumption and preferences occur as a result of demographic and social change. We analyse demand for housing in an area in relation to the available supply.


Housing opportunities

What opportunity is there to meet the changing demand for housing? We quantify the opportunities to increase housing supply in a way that facilitates diversity and choice. We look at the opportunity for residential development around Activity Centres, and opportunities for infill residential development, housing on redevelopment sites and housing in greenfield estates.


Housing affordability

Who is being priced out of your community by rising housing costs? We analyse housing data to identify whether housing stress and homelessness are occurring, where it is occurring, who is experiencing it and what can be done.

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