Demographic information tools

User-friendly online tools to help you understand places and how they’re changing

As pioneers of online population information, .id build a range of information tools designed for local governments, business and organisations.

Our interactive, online tools are designed to tell the story of people and places, providing spatial perspective to help answer even the most complex planning scenarios.

Interactive tools and information for impact

Online information, web applications and platforms to enhance decision making

Transform data to knowledge

Easy-to-use demographic tools to understand people and places

Population insights at your fingertips

We believe access to quality information improves planning and decision-making for everyone. At the heart of our apps and information is quality, reliable data that lets you compare the characteristics of people and places to gain perspective.

Create an evidence-based narrative

Use an evidence-base trusted by local governments and industry alike to tell the demographic story of people and places. Storytelling cuts through the complexity of large amounts of data by creating memorable, shareable information.

Need help putting together the evidence base for your project?

.id's population experts help you make informed decisions

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