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Housing opportunity and affordability analysis


An evidence base to help councils advocate for their community’s housing needs and monitor progress toward strategic planning goals.

Increasing population growth is creating unprecedented demand for housing in Australia. In addition, shifts in housing consumption patterns are occurring as a result of demographic and social change.

Governments (both state and local) have to respond to these shifts by creating opportunities for new dwellings to meet demand within the constraints of established urban areas. Local government planners often find themselves caught between the community who oppose change (not in my back yard) and state government policies requiring increased densification.

A framework for housing policy

housing.id provides a framework for developing housing policy that meets the needs of changing households, sustains the population base AND protects key residential areas from inappropriate development. We do this by answering the following questions:

  • How is the population changing?
  • How are the households changing?
  • How is the dwelling stock changing?
  • Which households live in which types of dwellings?
  • Where is residential development occurring?
  • What opportunity is there for residential development around Activity Centres?
  • What opportunity is there for infill residential development?
  • What opportunity is there for housing on redevelopment sites?
  • What opportunity is there for housing in green field estates?

housing.id is based on the premise that densification of housing in existing urban areas is good policy provided it is planned well. It can provide accommodation and employment near public transport, protect established residential areas from inappropriate development and reduce the pressure for urban sprawl.

Importantly, it also increases housing choice, which leads to a mix of household types living in an area and maintains the demand for a broad service mix. We believe this is the key to sustainable communities.

By conducting a dwelling yield analysis with .id, we were able to demonstrate to the DPLG that our contribution to the western region population targets as detailed in the 30 Year Plan, could be provided in a way that suits our character and protects our heritage.

Melissa Chrystal, Strategic Planner West Torrens City Council

Who is it for?

Housing.id is delivered as a report to show elected members why densification of housing and housing choice is essential to maintain a sustainable population and protect existing residential neighbourhoods.

It is designed for metropolitan councils that are either developing housing policy or responding to state government strategy.

The supply side analysis is accompanied by a customisable spreadsheet that allows strategic planners to undertake what-if analysis and change the assumptions of the model as they develop their plans.

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