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Does your council have a consistent view of the future? Are the engineers using the biggest forecast numbers as they want to build big pipes, whilst the community services department is using smaller forecasts as they’re terrified that they won’t be able to stretch the funding to meet the demand?

Engage Australia’s biggest and most trusted forecasting team to build a population and household forecast for your local government area that everyone can rely on. Based on a detailed understanding of land and housing supply, forecast.id will give you detailed knowledge, suburb by suburb, to make confident decisions about the future.

Councils make their population forecasts available to the public in the demographic resource centre, so community groups, investors, business people, students and the general public can access detailed population forecasts for local area.

Over 130 local government authorities across Australia and New Zealand subscribe to forecast.id. Staff across all council functions, from town planning to library services and the broader community use forecast.id to:

  • Provide a trusted evidence-base for planning
  • Understand the population outcomes of policy decisions
  • Plan age specific services
  • Rationalise infrastructure assets
  • Compete effectively for funding
  • Advocate successfully for services provided by other agencies
  • Educate council staff and councillors about how their community is changing
  • Build confidence in decision making

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For years we’ve used forecast.id to plan services and facilities more accurately than was possible in the past. With forecast.id, our staff can show how many four year olds are likely to want kindergarten in years to come, allowing the groundwork to occur now.

John Holland, Manager of Strategic Planning Cardinia Shire Council, VIC

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