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Allocate scarce resources to where they are most needed

How can atlas.id help you?

Visualise the need for services with this powerful demographic mapping tool

If a picture speaks a thousand words, then maps have to be the most compelling way of presenting complex data

atlas.id shows the distribution of different population groups in a local area (e.g. children, elderly, disadvantaged) in a powerful suite of thematic maps. It is particularly useful for identifying hidden groups, such as pockets of public housing within an otherwise wealthy area, or where the largest concentration of 0-4 year olds are living.

Councils make their social atlas available to the public in the demographic resource centre, so community groups, investors, business people, students and the general public can access detailed demographic information about their local area.

Who uses atlas.id?

Over 180 councils across Australia subscribe to atlas.id. Staff across all council functions, from town planning to library services and the broader community use atlas.id to:

  • Identify concentrations of target populations (e.g. children, elderly, disadvantaged)
  • Identify groups of people who may be hidden by more general statistics
  • Allocate resources to where they are most needed
  • Present demographic evidence in a visually persuasive way
  • Build a compelling case for funding or advocacy
  • Manage assets to meet changing demands
  • Provide useful information to the community 24/7 while saving council staff time
  • Support businesses by giving them access to the information
  • Make better use of internal council resources (less number crunching, more strategy and implementation)
  • Deliver consistent figures in reports and information
  • Build confidence in decision-making

See atlas.id in action at the demographic resource centre

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atlas.id is an important tool in future planning for the shire’s growing community. It assists council with our planning processes and simplifies the process of tracking the changing needs of our different shire communities.

John Holland, Manager of Strategic Planning Cardinia Shire Council, VIC

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