Connecting communities with essential services

Identify the location, scale and sequencing of development to pre-empt the demand for services, using a catchment area that makes sense.

With unprecedented population growth and rapidly changing development patterns in urban centres and greenfield areas, it is increasingly difficult for utility providers to pre-empt demand and respond accordingly.

Anticipating the size and distribution of this growth is critical to ensuring networks are reinforced and expanded in the right place, at the right time.

What a refreshing approach. Their approach was to sit down with us to fully understand the problem. How do we approach this? Is there a solution? Then they helped us solve the problem by applying their demographic knowledge to the problem. They helped us scope the project and then delivered and the whole focus was on answering the strategic question. We worked through the problem together with passionate people focused on one specialist area. The result was a highly focused piece of work which provided us with the evidence-base to make rational, confident and consistent investment decisions.

Alex Jury, Manager Strategic Risk and Strategy Stockland

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