Location analysis

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Location and timing have a big impact on the way businesses, organisations, councils and governments allocate resources. Viewing data spatially helps you locate services, infrastructure and marketing efforts in the right place, at the right time.

Population trends affect areas differently, so it’s important to understand where and when demographic patterns will play out at a local level. Answering these strategic ‘where’ and ‘when’ questions is central to our location analysis and spatial planning approach.

Location and timing matter

Access our tools and expertise to inform location-based decisions and network planning

Be in the right location, at the right time

Enjoy the benefit of hindsight

Visualise supply and demand

Identify, quantify and map target populations based on demographic characteristics. Use population forecasts to see the size and location of target markets in the future. Map your service and facility locations, as well as competitors, to see gaps in supply.

Network planning

Identify opportunities to expand (or rationalise) services or facilities by highlighting untapped areas with favourable demographic characteristics, future growth prospects and an undersupply of services.

Catchment analysis

Map your customers in relation to your business locations to see spatial distribution. Build custom catchment areas to identify demographic characteristics and analyse market penetration within each catchment to assess the performance of different locations. Overlaying demographic data identifies where the best opportunities are located.

Geocoding, mapping & databases

We convert your data about customers, service locations, services, competitors, and catchments into valuable, geospatially enabled information. View location-based information in our an online spatial application .id Placemaker for an easy, visual way to communicate results.

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