Location analysis and planning services

Understand population change at a local level

Need to inform strategic business decisions with a reliable evidence base? .id’s location analysis consulting services add new perspective to business planning.

We provide the evidence to support infrastructure development and service delivery planning by analysing the spatial distribution of target populations, both now and in the future.

View demographics through a spatial lens

Locate services in the right place, at the right time

Location-based demographic analysis

As the population experts, we understand cities, regions and communities and how they are changing. Understanding the demographic characteristics of populations spatially pinpoints the location of target groups and how this changes over time.


Understand change at the local level

Populations change and move over time, influenced by demographic drivers and trends. Change unfolds in different ways in different places, so it’s important to use local level location planning information with enough detail to make confident decisions.


Forecast future populations

.id’s Small Area Forecast information (SAFi) provides a futuristic view of the population in different places, broken down by age structure and forecast by single year until 2041. Our granular population forecasts provide a detailed view of population characteristics at a local level for business planning.


Visualise supply and demand

Changing population and socioeconomic trends create new market opportunities. Understand how demographic demand for services and infrastructure unfolds spatially both now and in the future. Add your own business data using .id Placemaker to visualise supply and demand.


Network planning

Use demand forecasting and gap analysis to see opportunities to expand (or rationalise) services or facilities. Identify untapped areas with target demographic characteristics and an under supply of services for smarter capital spending.


Catchment analysis

Use our granular population information to build custom catchment areas to suit your planning requirements. Map your customers and locations to see where the best opportunities are located. Analyse the market penetration of multiple catchments to compare performance across locations.


Question-led approach

Many people look to us to provide data in the hope it will answer their planning questions. We prefer to work with clients to identify the key strategic questions they are trying to answer. We work in close consultation with clients to ensure our analysis responds to the heart of the issue.


See the story spatially

Visualising demographic change over time in different locations is a powerful way of sharing complex location information to bring stakeholders along on the journey. As visual storytellers, we can help inject confidence into your decision making process.

Our clients

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