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With ageing populations, changing overseas migration and the reality of COVID-19, the pressure on Councils to deliver services is ever increasing.

But what is the best way to allocate finite resources across numerous services and facilities to meet the needs of your changing community? How do you balance the budget and make extra time for additional reporting requirements? How do you make those difficult decisions?

Profile.id uses Census data and other sources to build a powerful story about the characteristics of your community, how it is changing and how it compares to other areas.

Councils make their profiles available to the public in the demographic resource centre, so community groups, investors, business people, students and the general public can access detailed demographic information about their local area.

Who uses profile.id?

84% of Australians live in an LGA subscribed to .id tools.

More than 300 councils across Australia and New Zealand subscribe to profile.id. Staff across all council functions, from town planning to library services and the broader community use profile.id to:

  • Understand the make-up of your community
  • Plan the delivery of services and facilities to where they are most needed
  • Manage assets to meet changing demands
  • Attract investment and promote the region
  • Provide evidence for funding submissions
  • Support advocacy efforts
  • Support businesses and the community by giving them access to the information 24/7
  • Minimise spending on council research projects (one set of numbers for all consultants)
  • Make better use of council staff time (less number crunching, more strategy and implementation)
  • Deliver consistent figures in reports and information
  • Build confidence in decision-making

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Having the census data in such an easy to use and accessible form is changing our culture of decision making in Napier. The tool supports investigation and curiosity and everyone is using the same figures. It saves my staff hours of analysis and number crunching

John Holland, Manager of Strategic Planning Cardinia Shire Council, VIC

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