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Understand your community is a curated online community profile that provides deep demographic insights for local areas.

More than 300 councils around Australia inform their decisions using

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Deliver services to the right people at the right time and place

With ageing populations, changing overseas and internal migration, natural disasters and the realities of COVID-19, the pressure on Councils to deliver services is ever increasing. The people we work with in local government across Australia take pride in making evidence-based decisions that benefit their communities. curates data from the Census and other sources to tell a powerful story about local communities: their characteristics, how they are changing and how they compare to other areas.

Give your team and community the power to see these changes clearly, uncover trends, test assumptions and make informed decisions.

Used by more than 300 councils around Australia

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Benefits to council

Turn data into knowledge.


Curated datasets

Our team ensures the information in is accurate, easy to understand and up-to-date. We curate data to tell a story. Who makes up your community? How does it compare? How is it changing?


Converts data to insights

What's the story behind the data? Custom local-area boundaries, comparisons to other places and changes over time provide the essential context that makes your data meaningful. Insights are communicated via tables, charts, maps and textual analysis and guidance.


Direct support from the experts

Collaboration is core to the way we do business. Your subscription gives you direct support from the demographic experts behind the tool: from training and briefing sessions for executives, staff and the community to ad-hoc advice.


Easy to use

You shouldn't need to be a specialist to find the data you need. gives your entire council and community the power to use Census and other data to make informed decisions in their daily work.

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Invest in efficiency

Repetitive and inconsistent analysis can cost you more than money. is delivered online so your council, community and consultants can all use the same data every time they need it. Easy exports and custom reporting enable quick presentations and in-depth analysis.

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Full public access

Internal and external requests are a drain on resources. appears at the top of Google search results, answering common demographic questions before they come to you.

One stop shop for any info on our community. Use it for work ALL THE TIME (Community Development), and recommend to community (individuals and groups) for grant applications, business planning, strategies, etc.
Lyndie Hepple
Coordinator Community Development
It makes looking at demographic data easy.

Carol Ashworth
Coordinator Integrated Planning and Reporting

Benefits to communities

A resource for all.

Empower community leaders and help businesses flourish. is made available online to all, allowing council, local businesses and community groups to work from the same evidence base.

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Designed for decision makers.

Small areas that make sense to you

Understand local differences by dividing your LGA into custom geographies. .id's internal methodology ensures your change-over-time analysis isn't compromised by shifting boundaries. This can include additional overlay areas to cover planning schemes, catchment areas etc.

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How do you compare?

Get essential context by comparing your LGA and areas within it against each other and benchmark geographies of your choice.


How are you changing?

Is your community ageing? Becoming more affluent? More diverse? makes it easy to see and respond to important changes in your community.


Easy exports and custom reporting

Make the data work for you. Download raw data, export charts and tables, create instant reports.


Included topics

See for yourself

All of .id's information tools are made publicly available, providing shared evidence base across Council, local business and organisations, and the wider community.



An essential tool for all of council.

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Community services

Respond to changes in your community; plan and deliver services and facilities where they are needed most.


Social planning

Uncover patterns of disadvantage or disability to deliver the most effective social programs and services where they’re needed most.


Recreation planning

Understand popluation trends and emerging
age charactistics to invest in recreation assets
in the most approriate areas.



Create funding submissions based on hard data
that clearly identifies disadvantage, opportunity and community need.


Assets and infrastructure

Understanding changing age structures is essential for managing existing assets, converting to new uses and identifying needs for new infrastructure.

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Library services

As a public resource, minimises
external information requests. It also gives
you a clear picture of diversity to inform your LOTE collections.

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Marketing and communications

Paint a clear picture of your changing community; promote your area to prospective residents, businesses and investors.


Executive and governance

Meaningful inductions for new elected members and briefings for management.

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Coporate and finance

Identify trends in population and dwellings to refine growth assumptions in your Long Term Financial Plan.


Development planning

A clear picture of current housing lets you respond to state government targets with confidence.

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Economic development

Support local business decision-making and build business cases to attract investment in your community.

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Waste management

See the changing household types in different parts of your community to better plan the logistics of waste collection.

Look deeper

When we brief local councils and community groups, some of the most pointed questions are often about communities defined by characteristics rather than geography. Council workers and community groups often want to know more about a particular ethnic group, age group or disadvantaged groups.

Our optional Communities of Interest modules have been developed to allow a deep dive on different groups within the wider communities.

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