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We help Australian financial services providers make confident, strategic decisions by showing how changes in population and housing will shape future demand for services.


How we can help

Plan for the impacts of population change 

Our population and housing forecasts empower financial services providers to mitigate risk, drive growth and strengthen their M&A strategy.


Drive growth

Identify growth hotspots for mortgage and refinance lead generation, to enable investing in areas customers are forecast to be.

consistent nationwide

Be targeted with resourcing 

Our forecasts unpack what's happening in your patch and how it will look in 15-20 years so you can allocate and plan effectively.


Make strategic decisions easily

Add our data into your own systems – making in-house analysis more robust. Or let us do the work for you.


risk free decisions

Reduce risk 

Our forecasts help you identify which regions are best to invest in based on population, land supply and housing growth to enhance M&A strategy.


Add customer value

Arm your business bankers with forecast reports that empower your merchant customers with more informed franchise/investment decisions.

save time

Reduce time & guesswork

Our forecasts aren’t based on linear trends (like most of the forecast data that your team might currently be analysing). Save time and guesswork when stitching together multiple data sets in house.

Helping Kingswim find their next opportunity


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Trusted by financial services providers


Our data helps you mitigate risk by avoiding costly investment location mistakes. 



You can confidently prioritise the best opportunities for growth, with our data informing your decisions.


Arm your business bankers with our reports to instill confidence in their customers next franchise or investment opportunity.



What do we forecast and why are we the most trusted in Australia?

All our forecasting services are underpinned by our National Forecasting Program. Produced by Australia's most trusted, independent forecasting team, the program provides the most consistent & detailed forecasts of population, housing and residential development available in Australia.

Explore our National Forecasting Program

Add our insights to your evidence base

From one-off reports to tailored data partnerships, we can help you make data-driven decisions with unique information about places and how they are changing. premium

Bring the full power of our National Forecasting Program into your business. Support your in-house analysis with the latest forecasts and executive briefings from our experts.

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Check Circle  Flexible geography for planning

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Find a location near the people you serve with a tailored report that identifies up to ten locations with the highest number of people in your target demographic. 

Check Circle  Identify 10 key locations 

Check Circle  Target demographic insights

Check Circle  Strategic investment guidance

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Whether you're investing in a new location or checking your current strategy is on track, reports quantify future demand around a known location.

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