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Australian utilities use our detailed and independent forecasts of population and housing to plan for significant investments in infrastructure and asset maintenance.


How we can help

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Calibrate your population and housing data

As a utility planner, you already have access to lots of data. Our independent forecasts give you a consistent, detailed and complete view of future population, housing and development across your network, so you can calibrate data from developers and state and local governments and make significant planning and investment decisions with confidence.


Develop future-proof plans

See how an existing or proposed infrastructure location is forecast to change so you can plan for future load and demand.


Forecasts that match any project

Get detailed forecast information for the area you're planning for with Australia's most granular forecasts of population and housing.


A complete view of development 

Plan for the ultimate capacity of an area and assess developer's projections against our independent forecasts based on population demand.

Why we're trusted by Australian utilities


Avoid gold-plating and under-specifying when planning infrastructure and maintenance


Forecasts based on expert demographic analysis and detailed research into current and future housing stock


Data that complements your in-house modelling – making plans more robust and future-proof.




What do we forecast and why are we the most trusted in Australia?

All of our forecasts are underpinned by our National Forecasting Program. Produced by Australia's most trusted, independent forecasting team, the program provides the most consistent & detailed forecasts of population, housing and residential development available in Australia.

Explore our National Forecasting Program

Helping Kingswim find their next opportunity


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Add our insights to your evidence base premium

Bring the full power of our National Forecasting Program into your business. Support your in-house analysis with the latest forecasts and executive briefings from our experts.

Check Circle  Identify high value growth

Check Circle  Flexible geography for planning

Check Circle  Access to our experts

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Locate and plan for certain age groups within a given area with a report that identifies up to ten locations forecast to have the most people in a specific demographic. 

Check Circle  Identify 10 key locations 

Check Circle  Analyse any location in Australia

Check Circle  Identify any age/sex profile

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Planning water infrastructure with forecasts of population and dwellings

This utility is the principal supplier of water, wastewater and drainage services to hundreds of thousands of homes, businesses and farms. As premium subscribers, they use population, housing and development data from our National Forecasting Program to help determine the timing, size and location of future infrastructure investments. 

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