Meet the population experts

Our team is made up of demographic and spatial analysts, population forecasters, urban economists, industry sector experts, technology and data management specialists.

Most of us are corporate refugees who are committed to creating an intelligent company where our ideas can flourish, our work matters and we treat ourselves and our clients with integrity and humour.

  • Lailani Burra
    Lailani Burra CEO
  • Ivan Motley
    Ivan Motley Founder
  • Johnny Barnard
    Johnny Barnard Population Forecaster & Consultant
  • John O'Leary
    John O'Leary Population Forecaster
  • Glenn Capuano
    Glenn Capuano Demographer & Client Consultant
  • Andrew Rossiter
    Andrew Rossiter Population Forecaster & Consultant
  • Ryan James
    Ryan James Client Consultant
  • Fabrice Million
    Fabrice Million Spatial App Developer, Mobile
  • Michael Zabala
    Michael Zabala Database Management
  • Mohamed Ali
    Mohamed Ali Mapping and GIS producer
  • Bruce Cauchi
    Bruce Cauchi Spatial App Developer
  • Keenan Jackson
    Keenan Jackson Economic Consultant
  • Rob Hall
    Rob Hall Economic Consultant
  • Sally Blandy
    Sally Blandy Location Strategy Consultant
  • Penny Bloomberg
    Penny Bloomberg Client Consultant NZ
  • Nenad Petrovic
    Nenad Petrovic Demographic consultant
  • Richard Thornton
    Richard Thornton Population Forecaster & Consultant
  • Lila Thompson
    Lila Thompson Office Manager
  • Darren Thomas
    Darren Thomas Mapping and GIS Specialist
  • Daniel Corbett
    Daniel Corbett Scrum Master
  • Georgia Allan
    Georgia Allan Housing consultant
  • Katie King
    Katie King Location strategy consultant
  • Katrina Houghton
    Katrina Houghton Client Manager
  • Jane Poletti
    Jane Poletti Legal advisor
  • Fadi Shehadeh
    Fadi Shehadeh Senior Developer
  • Andrew Hedge
    Andrew Hedge Marketing and content
  • Derek Winter
    Derek Winter Agile & Organisational Coach
  • Kieran McConnell
    Kieran McConnell Forecaster
  • Brian Moran
    Brian Moran Location Strategy Consultant
  • John Kim
    John Kim Economic consultant
  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones Population forecaster
  • Dan Evans
    Dan Evans Consultant
  • Navjot Bains
    Navjot Bains Full stack developer
  • Asmine Hammadou
    Asmine Hammadou Senior Developer
  • Bob Pham
    Bob Pham Senior Developer

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