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Understanding people in place

We help a diverse and growing number of councils and other organisations credibly, comprehensively and efficiently represent their community’s views and needs in policy and advocacy.

Visit today, watch the recording of our Living in Australia 2024: National Community Views Survey - Key Insights Launch' Webinar, explore 2024 Australian insights, or download our latest reports: Living in Australia 2024: National Community Views Survey - Key Insights Report, Living in Parramatta: Key Insights to Advance Liveability and Understanding Liveability to Advance Quality of Life. Connect with other helpful resources → 

community views

Trusted by a diverse and growing number of councils and other organisations

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Represent your community's best interests in decision making

The local government sector's need for credibly sourced, genuinely representative and externally comparable survey data and insight has never been greater. Residents, other levels of government and even the private sector are placing higher-expectations on councils to ensure that their community's views are more comprehensively incorporated, monitored and ultimately evaluated in local government strategic planning and advocacy.

Our Community Views survey and reporting and exploratory platform have been created to meet this need. 

About the Community Views survey

Our standard questions cover a diverse range of topics, are nationally benchmarked, and align with Council strategy and advocacy. Topics include community values, experiences, local area liveability and future needs, health, wellbeing and financial circumstances, climate change, local area concerns and ideas to improve quality of life. Councils can also ask custom questions.

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About the reporting & exploratory platform analyses and reports survey insights for Australian LGAs and related groups. It shows how local area values and experiences compare to national benchmarks, how perspectives change spatially across local areas and explores the role that demography and life-stage play in informing future needs. It monitors change over time and is also home to tailored reports, insights and resources that help our clients maximise the value they receive from investing in their community's views.

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Book a 1:1 introductory session

Click the link below to book an introduction. The session will demonstrate how our offer can help you to credibly, professionally and efficiently represent your community's views in strategic planning and advocacy.


Benefits platform features

Understand your community's values, experiences, liveability and future needs

What do your residents believe makes somewhere a good place to live? How do they experiences these items in their local area? How liveable is your LGA and needs to happen to advance quality of life? How does the community feel about their health, wellbeing and financial circumstances? What are they most worried about and what ideas do they have to advance quality of life?

Living in Place asks these questions and provides the answers.

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Local area insights and analytical capability that makes sense for your strategic planning and advocacy agenda

How do your community's views and future needs manifest spatially across your LGA? Be it planning areas, electoral wards, stand alone suburbs or groups of towns, presents local area insights at geographies that work best for your planning and advocacy needs. And remember, the platform also allows you to create your own custom geographies for ad-hoc analysis.     

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Use to understand the role of demography and life-stage

What do your older residents value? How do renters and young people feel about the provision of affordable decent housing in your LGA? What about the relationship between living with a chronic illness and self-reported health and wellbeing, or personal financial circumstances? makes it easy for you to explore and understand the relationship between your community's views and objective characteristics.

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Compare against external benchmarks for context, monitor change over time with annual updates

Compare your community's views against national, state, regional and peer-group averages.

Check-in with your community at the same time each year to monitor and ultimately evaluate the impact of your policy and advocacy.

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Insights, data, helpful resources and support 

In recognition that councils have diverse needs, your annual subscription to Living in Place and the platform also includes a professionally produced narrative based Views report and technical supplement, an in-person insights workshop and shareable key insights video tailored to your local context, links to helpful resources and ongoing support to help maximise the investment you have made in your community's views.

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Additional analysis, reporting and assistance when you need it

Beyond the core annual deliverables, our consultants can be booked to produce additional topic and place based survey reporting, and are also available to bring the data and insights to life across a range of forums, including at community workshops, executive briefings and Councillor presentations. 

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The process has been seamless and we have got some really valuable information out of this...

Michelle Gledhill
Manager Economic Development and Strategy
We greatly appreciate your assistance and support in taking the journey and exploring what 'liveability' really means to the everyday person...
Robyn Douglas
Coordinator Open Space and Social Policy

Book a 1:1 introductory session

Click the link below to book a no obligation introduction to Living in Place and The session will demonstrate how our offer can help you to credibly, professionally and efficiently represent your community's views in strategic planning and advocacy.


Frequently asked questions

Download helpful resources

This document unpacks the concept of liveability and outlines four key considerations for policy makers who are focused on understanding and advancing quality of life.
The report provides a comprehensive summary of how Parramatta residents’ view their LGA’s liveability and future needs.
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Living in Australia: 2024 speaks to four themes we feel are critical to improving living standards across the Nation.
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Explore how leading councils are using Living in Place & Views to credibly represent their community's views in strategic planning & advocacy.
This report shows the Sunshine Coast's Overall Liveability in 2022 & highlights five key insights and actions needed to advance quality of life.
Learn about & compare four main survey collection methods used in Australian councils: phone, social media advertising, list based & online panels.

Learn more

Read blogs, explore case studies and watch webinars from our Community Views social research team or get in touch to learn more about how Living in Place and can you better represent your community's views in decision making.

Contact Daniel Evans from .id on 0407 502 887, at or follow the link below to book an introductory presentation today.