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Allocate your resources presents a powerful suite of thematic maps to show where populations with specific characteristics are located, highlighting where services are required and identifying hidden pockets of need.

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Social atlases

Allocate scarce resources to where they are most needed

In a time of demographic disruption, Council resources are being stretched ever thinner. Understanding the need for services – the demographic make up of a place – at the truly local level is essential for allocating council and community services. supports service allocation decisions by presenting a range of demographic data at a truly local level (SA1). Its functionality includes catchment-area analysis and is designed to help identify otherwise hidden groups with specific needs.
We work with councils around Australia
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Benefits to council

Make confident, informed decisions.


Allocate resources with confidence

Don't waste valuable time and money by misallocating council services. provides a clear picture of the demographic demand for a range of services. Complex decisions are made simple.


Cost-efficient catchment analysis

Spend less time number crunching and more time implementing strategies. Don't waste valuable research staff time or pay pricey consultants – makes detailed catchment analysis data a few clicks away.


Locate hidden pockets of need

Demographic analysis at the LGA or even suburb level can miss groups of need, resulting in under-servicing the most disadvantaged. Using the smallest available geography no group is overlooked.


Easy to use

You shouldn't need to be a specialist to find the data you need.'s simple visual layout and curated content provides council and community the power to make informed decisions in their daily work.


Direct support from the experts

Collaboration is core to the way we do business. Your subscription gives you direct support from the demographic experts behind the tool: from training and briefing sessions for executives, staff and the community to ad-hoc advice.

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Full public access

Empower community groups, local businesses and potential investors with the detailed data they need to make the best decisions. Save time by directing the public to your social atlas. 


Visualise the need for services.

Themed maps curated for your needs

View the spatial distribution of various groups with more than 80 themed maps. These maps are curated based on our work with Local Government ensuring you have all the data you need to make confident, informed decisions.


Hyper-local geographies

Demographic analysis tells a very different story at different levels of geography. Planning local service delivery requires analysing demographic data at the smallest possible geography.'s deceptively simple visualisation brings different area's needs to light.


Custom catchment analysis

Understand the demographic make up and service requirements of custom catchment; just select your areas and demographic features of interest. Data is fully exportable for further analysis.


Visualise change over time

Choose a demographic theme and select the "change" option for a visual map of how small areas across your LGA are changing.


See for yourself

All of .id's information tools are made publicly available, providing shared evidence base across Council, local business and organisations, and the wider community.



Deliver the best community services.

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Monitor service demand

Are your services getting to those most in need? Understand the geographic spread of need for services across your LGA by visualising the relevant demographic data on a detailed map.

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Plan new services

Identify the need for new services or profile groups around a new development using straightforward catchment-analysis techniques.


Support business and investment

Empower local businesses and potential investors by giving them the data and tools they need to make the right investments.


Inform advocacy and grant applications

Enhance funding applications and similar activities with simple to consume visualisations of local needs and challenges.


Familiarise new staff and councillors

Get new staff and councillors up-to-speed with local issues and challenges by allowing them to explore how your area differs geographically across a range of themes.

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