Invest in the right place at the right time with trusted local area forecasts of population, housing and residential development from Australia's largest independent population forecasting team.





How will demographic trends and land settlement patterns affect the future demand for services in your local area?

As Australia's largest independent population forecasting team, we can help you identify opportunities and reduce risk next time you're making an investment, planning or location decision.

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We help Australian organisations plan for future demand


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What is are independent and detailed forecasts of population and dwellings from .id (informed decisions).

How do we forecast the future population of places? population forecasts set the industry standard in demographic forecasting.  This video explains the research process behind each forecast we publish.


Invest in the right place at the right time

Identify growth hotspots

Identify and compare opportunities for investment and growth in different suburbs, cities and states. See when and where growth is forecast to occur or apply our age filters to identify growth hotspots for a specific age cohort such as primary school students, aged care residents or first homebuyers.

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Assess a known site or catchment

Do you already know the location you're assessing? 

Whether you're planning for future school enrolments, updating a retail sales forecast or conducting due diligence on a proposed site or development opportunity, provides a detailed, trusted and independent assessment of future demand for a catchment area that will neatly fit your project geography.

SAFi for Custom catchments

Why our clients trust

Supporting analysis from our experts

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Forecast analysis by region

Get the all-important context that underpins our forecasts. From the big-picture demographic patterns to localised housing and development activity, our experts explain what's driving growth and change in your area. 

Read analysis for your region →

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Plan for the changing needs of your local community.


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Identify opportunities, make location decisions, reduce risk and invest in the right place at the right time.

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Analysis from our forecasters

The monitor is a monthly summary of analysis and insights from our forecasters and other experts at .id as they study how the big-picture trends shaping our nation impact the future of local communities across Australia.


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