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More that 250 councils work with .id to make evidence-based decisions.

With a drive for improved efficiency using finite resources, local governments need to demonstrate a commitment to delivering valuable services to communities. To best target these services to the community, information and insights are key to providing strategic direction.

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We apply tools and expertise to work with local governments across Australia and New Zealand.
Online tools Build a comprehensive evidence-base for your council and community

Over 250 councils subscribe to .id’s online demographic and economic resources. Councils can quickly access information for grant funding, services planning, asset management, policy development, economic development, advocacy and much more. As web-based applications, .id’s tools become a community asset that can be leveraged to attract investment and funding.

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Capacity building Learn how to use demographic and economic information effectively

.id can work with you to get the most out of our demographic and economic resources. We’ll help you understand and apply techniques and principles to make your work easier and more rewarding.

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.id consulting for local government Let’s work together

If you prefer, you can work directly with one of our local government experts to help you  develop strategies, scope and deliver solutions to your more challenging questions, or build a case for funding.

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Even small councils need the power of demographics to inform its future planning. Demographics affect all the choices a decision-maker makes in developing a resilient and thriving community. id presents information at level and in a way that is user friendly and meaningful not only for Councils but the public at large. This information enables organisations in our community to accurately target resources to where they are needed most.

James Baty, Corporate Services Manager Wairoa District Council, NZ

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