Population forecasting

Are you making location-based investments and need to know whether the future population will sustain them? Are you wondering where the best opportunities for growth will come from in the future? Are you wondering how much to budget for service delivery based on population growth?

.id has the largest population forecasting team in Australia and New Zealand. We are steeped in knowledge about what is driving change across our cities and regions. We forecast what the results of these changes will be. We help our clients see how these changes will impact on their business.

Local government area forecasts – forecast.id

Join over 150 local governments who trust .id to forecast their future population so they can plan confidently for the future. Learn more about forecast.id, our population forecasts for local government

Micro-geography forecasts – SAFi

.id undertakes independent state-wide forecasts. Called Small Area Forecast information (SAFi), these forecasts are extremely granular and show you where growth is occurring across regions, suburbs and neighbourhoods right down to city blocks. They are used by organisations operating state-wide to pin-point the best locations for their service offerings. Learn more about SAFi.

Forecast target populations

If you are providing services to a population with specific demographic characteristics (people with a disability, Italian migrants, voters, pre-schoolers, retirees …) we can help you plan your service delivery by identifying where concentrations of these people are located now and where they will be in the future.

Scenario testing of land-use changes

Do you need to know the population outcome of a potential change in land-use? This might include converting an industrial area into a residential zone, encouraging activity centre development or broad changes to residential zoning. This is one of our specialities. We can show you what the population impacts of these changes will be and whether or not they are desirable.

Scene-setting and expert analysis

.id’s population forecasters are often asked to present to leadership teams, Boards and at conferences on demographic changes and the opportunies and threats created by these changes.

Where are your opportunities located?

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Which population forecast should I use?
eBook: Which population forecast should I use?

In this 50-page eBook, we have compiled a comprehensive guide of the available population forecasts in Australia;

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