See the future in sharper detail with .id SAFi

Understand how your target population will change in the future

.id’s Small Area Forecast information (SAFi) provides population intelligence at a micro-geographic level, helping businesses make confident decisions about the future.

Hyperlocal population forecasts

Use the power of .id SAFi to predict the future with certainty

Quantify your target market

Does the success of your enterprise rely on getting services to the right people, in the right place, at the right time? .id SAFi is a set of population forecasts that quantify the size of the population, by every year of age, for each year from 2011 to 2041. Whether you are interested in the total population or a target age group, .id SAFi will show you where and when you need to locate your services.

Pinpoint your location

The level of detail is what sets .id SAFi apart. .id SAFi provides forecasts for thousands of geographic areas. You can take a bird’s eye view of population change across an entire city, identify growth fronts and then drill down to individual city blocks to identify the best location for your service.

Have confidence in the data

Years of research and development have gone into .id SAFi. With the largest population forecasting team in the country and strong relationships with local government and the development industry, .id SAFi provides an unprecedented level of detailed insight into the drivers of local population change. We update SAFi on a 24-month rolling cycle to ensure our underlying assumptions remain current.

Choose your way of working with us

Depending on how you like to work, we can deliver .id SAFi as a data feed for your existing models or GIS platform, create a tailored solution in our spatial platform .id Placemaker, or provide a consulting service where we bring all our expertise to answer your questions.

Our clients

Who’s using .id SAFi

“They are passionate people focused on one specialist area – demographics. The result was a highly focused piece of work which provided us with the evidence-base to make rational, confident and consistent investment decisions.”

Alex Jury - Manager Strategic Risk and Strategy Stockland

Meet the team behind .id SAFi

You’ll be working with the largest forecasting team in Australia, supported by demographic and spatial analysts, urban economists, industry sector experts, IT and data management specialists.

Meet the team

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