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Sometimes the most important questions concern just a small part of the community

Our standard community profiles give you insights to local government communities that can be broken down by smaller geographies such as suburbs. However, when we brief local councils and community groups, the most pointed questions are often about communities defined by characteristics rather than geography.

Council workers and community groups often want to know more about a particular ethnic group, age group, or disadvantaged groups.

Delivered as optional additions to our Community Profiles, our Communities of Interest (COIs) allow you to understand and plan for a variety of these groups, arming you with detailed demographic data and insights, including

  • age groups
  • education
  • work and income
  • housing and household types.


See Communities of Interest on the Blacktown community profile




Available COIs

Life stages

If you’re planning age-specific services (eg. youth services, aged care), we can build a Community of Interest age groups that make sense to you.

Multicultural and LOTE

Do you deliver services for people born overseas, recent arrivals, or non-English speakers? We can create CoIs for any of these groups. If you’re interested in people born in a particular country, we can recommend countries based on your local population, or you can choose from over 200 countries on our standard countries-of-birth list.

Disadvantaged groups

Are you working to help people with a need for assistance, low-income households, or the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population?


Understand the differences (working hours, income, unpaid childcare, education etc) between females and males in your community.

Speak with us about getting a CoI module for any of these groups added to your community profile.

Add Communities of interest to your community profile

If you're at a council or other organisation that subscribes to a community profile, get in touch about adding the COI modules.

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