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How can demographics help you?

Learn how the use of demographics helps organisations make evidence-based decisions about people and places.

Queensland after covid

1.7 million people are forecast to join the state by 2041. Where will they live? How will they change the state’s demographic makeup? What impact do we expect to see from the 2032 Olympics and a burgeoning renewables industry? Join our forecasting team as we share our insights into the future of these places, to help you better plan housing, education, and other services for these communities.

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Which population forecast should I use?

This 30-minute webinar helps you understand different types of population forecasts so you can select the right population forecast to suit your needs.

Planning for local community areas

Understanding your community through a demographic lens can help you plan for local areas.

The rise of Victoria

Watch this webinar from 2015 to understand how the Victorian population is booming, with growing numbers of younger people rejuvenating the population profile.

How demographics helped Richmond FC double its membership

Watch this presentation from the Chief Strategy Conference Summit on 10 Feb 2016.

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