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eBook cover - Understanding Liveability

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This document unpacks the concept of liveability and outlines four key considerations for policy makers who are focused on understanding and advancing quality of life. 

eBook Cover - Living on the Sunshine Coast

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This report shows the Sunshine Coast's Overall Liveability in 2022 & highlights five key insights and actions needed to advance quality of life.

eBook cover - living in place learnings and applications

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Explore how leading councils are using Living in Place & Views to credibly represent their community's views in strategic planning & advocacy.

eBook cover - things to consider when surveying communities to inform local government decision making

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Learn about & compare four main survey collection methods used in Australian councils: phone, social media advertising, list based & online panels.

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improving gender equality ebook cover

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Demographic insights are essential to understand and guide the effective implementation of policies and strategies to achieve gender equality in your communities. This ebook introduces the core concepts and share some practical examples of how local decisions can improve gender equality in a community.

eBook cover_ How councils can influence affordable housing

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.id (informed decisions) are in a really privileged position of working with Councils across Australia, hearing about the housing affordability issues in their areas and the various approaches being taken to address the issue. We'd like to think of ourselves as a conduit between different Councils - sharing what we learn from one Council with those facing similar issues. That's why we've put together our new ebook, sharing a range of actions Council can undertake to address housing affordability.

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