Gender equity report

Understand gender equity at the local government level

This report is an evidence base for Councils seeking to understand and address gender equity within their community through demographic and socioeconomic information. 

The report is a cost-effective way of understanding local differences in socioeconomic characteristics through a gender lens.

Use cases

A gender equity report is a baseline resource that be used for decision-making across council.


Gender equity strategy

Inform your gender equity strategy with a strong evidence base and the ability to impact over time.

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Gender impact assessment

Create better and fairer outcomes by considering impacts on women, men and gender diverse people.


Community information

Informing your community by transforming complex data into a clear narrative.


Advocacy and funding

Support your advocacy and funding activities with benchmarks against other appropriate areas

Sample report

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What's included

The report is informed by gender disaggregated data across a wide range of topics.


Demographic snapshot

Age structure, cultural diversity, migration patterns, health

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Education qualifications, attendance and areas of study

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Home life and caring

Childcare and other caring duties, single-parent families, housing and living arrangements



Workforce participation (full-time, part-time), industries and occupations



Individual levels of incomes, hours worked and hourly rates by industry

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Contextual comparisons

Comparisons against other areas to understand regional differences

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Built for local government

Developed by id's expert demographers based on years working with Councils across Australia


Meet the experts

A report purchase includes a briefing from an .id demographer, walking stakeholders through key insights and answering questions

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Quick turnaround

Don't spend months waiting to get your hands on the data

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