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Bring the full power of our National Forecasting Program into your business. 

As a premium subscriber, we help you get the big decisions right with the combined expertise of Australia's largest independent forecasting group.

Integrate our forecast information with in-house modelling and analysis, plan and optimise your network, stay up to date with our latest insights and make confident strategic decisions with executive briefings from our experts. 


Benefits of premium

always on


Access up-to-date, detailed insights from our National Forecasting Program in-house.


Optimise your network

Detailed forecast information for every local area within your network footprint.


Flexible geography  

Specify your network planning by subscribing to forecasts at a regional, state or national level.  



Seamless integration

Access our forecasts as a spatial layer, in our visualisation software or simply as a flat data file.


Expert support  

Make confident strategic decisions with tailored presentations and briefings from our experts.


The latest information

If new information changes the outlook for your area you'll get updated forecasts and analysis.

Why are our forecasts the most trusted in Australia?

All of our forecasts are underpinned by our National Forecasting Program. Produced by Australia's most trusted, independent forecasting team, the program provides the most consistent & detailed forecasts of population, housing and residential development available in Australia.
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What our clients say

"For years we've used to plan services and facilities more accurately than was possible in the past. With, our staff can show how many four year olds are likely to want kindergarten in the years to come, allowing the groundwork to occur now"
John Holland
Manager, Strategic Planning