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Australia’s trusted, independent, comprehensive forecasting program


All products and services are underpinned by our forecasting program, producing the most consistent & detailed forecasts of population, dwelling and residential development available in Australia.

We monitor everything, so that you don’t have to

From demographic changes, migration patterns, economic conditions, government policies and plans, and the pipeline of housing development, our forecasts consider all factors. Read below to understand how our comprehensive forecasting program can help you make strategic decisions.


 How our forecasts are produced 

Key benefits of our forecasting program


National context, local detail

Understand how changes shaping Australia are forecast to affect the future smaller areas.

flexible granular

Flexible, granular forecasts

Neatly match your project’s geography with the most detailed population forecasts available.

consistent nationwide

A consistent approach nationwide

No matter where you’re looking, all forecasts have been developed with the same methodology.


expert analysis

Independent forecasts

Trusted, impartial, single-scenario forecasts of the most likely future of places.


Expert perspectives

Our forecasts come with supporting analysis to help you understand what’s behind the numbers.


Residential development research

We’re the only people that monitor the pipeline of housing supply in Australia and reflect it in our forecasts.


Our unique key data outputs


Population forecasts


Age + sex forecasts


Housing forecasts


Residential development forecasts


Single or multi-year increments


Detailed geography

1 national forecasting program.

6 ways to explore.


Plan for the changing needs of your community with a trusted forecast of population and housing in your Local Government Area, published in an accessible online tool.

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lg-tag catchments

Access detailed forecasts and powerful map-based reporting that helps your teams plan more effectively within and beyond your Local Government Area.

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Bring the full power of our National Forecasting Program into your business. Support your in-house analysis with the latest forecasts and executive briefings from our experts.

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Our pay-per-forecast program gives our consulting partners instant access to reliable and respected forecast information on a project-by-project basis.

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_Services grid  Industry tile  White on blue hotspots

Find a location near the people you serve with a tailored report that identifies up to ten locations with the highest number of people in your target demographic. 

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Whether you're investing in a new location or checking your current strategy is on track, reports quantify future demand around a known location.

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