Residential Development Forecasts

Reduce risk when planning for services and infrastructure with the most comprehensive view of future housing development in Austraila.

An independent forecast of the timing, location, capacity and sequence of future residential development in Australia. 


See how environmental changes today are forecast to affect future development in a place of interest to you. 

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An independent and objective forecast of development sites that balance supply and demand.


Spatial presentation

Our development layer is presented in a clean, consistent format that can be used in GIS software including MapInfo, ArcGIS or we can help you present the data spatially using our Placemaker tool.


Timing and sequence

By combining data about the current stage of development (from precinct planning to construction) with a demand constraint from our SAFi population forecasts, we can provide a realistic estimate for the timing of a particular site's development.


Integration support

Our data visualisation and GIS experts are here to support you to access the rich insights available within these forecasts. If you have existing GIS or modeling applications, we will help you integrate this dataset with your existing systems.

 Make significant planning and investment decisions with an independent and credible view of future development