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.id’s team of demographers, economic specialists, population forecasters, and location analysis experts provide place-based insights that inject confidence into business and local government decision making.

We understand how broad demographic and economic trends play out locally, helping you answer those critical ‘where’, ‘when’ and ‘why’ questions.

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We apply a spatial, demographic lens to help you derive meaning from data and answer critical planning questions. We provide high-quality evidence and use robust frameworks to help clients decide where and when to invest in infrastructure, services and marketing.

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Take advantage of our extensive knowledge of people and places to tackle community planning, economic and social issues. Work with our integrated demographics team of spatial consultants, urban economists, population forecasters, Census experts, and urban planners.

Trusted evidence base

As the industry standard for local government demographic information, over 250 councils in Australia and New Zealand trust .id to provide their community resources. Our relationships with local governments and close ties with the development industry afford unique insight into where and when development occurs.

Common vision

Harness our curiosity and passion for people and places. We are excited by the projects we engage with and genuinely interested in the outcomes. We share the common vision of building good communities, inspiring insightful analysis and fostering collaborative, long-term relationships past your project end-date.