Demand forecasting analysis

Harness our knowledge of how populations will change in the future

Are you making location-based investments and wonder whether the future population will sustain them? Want to know where the best opportunities for growth will be in the future?

We forecast how populations will change in the future, using this information to help clients understand how change impacts different locations at different times.

Forecasting future populations

Analyse what's driving change to see how change unfolds locally

Targeting future populations

We can help you plan the delivery of infrastructure and services for a population with specific demographic characteristics (people with a disability, Italian migrants, preschoolers, retirees, etc.). We identify where concentrations of target populations are located, both now and in the future.


Local area forecasts

.id provides forecasts for 150 local government areas in Australia and New Zealand, helping understand and mitigate future impacts for the community. Our knowledge of local populations, housing and infrastructure development provides a comprehensive evidence base for future planning.


Detailed small area planning

.id’s Small Area Forecast information (SAFi) are extremely granular state-based forecasts, showing where growth is occurring across regions, suburbs and neighbourhoods right down to city blocks. Organisations use this information to pin-point the best locations for their services and infrastructure.


Urban renewal forecasts

Engage Australia’s largest and most trusted forecasting team to build a reliable population and household forecast for your Urban Renewal Precinct or Activity Centre. Our granular population forecasts provide a detailed view of population characteristics at a local level for business planning. .id’s robust population forecast models can be customised to provide in-depth knowledge of how an Urban Renewal Precinct population will change over time.


Scenario testing of land-use changes

Do you need to know the population outcome of a potential change in land-use? This might include converting an industrial area into a residential zone, encouraging activity centre development or changes to residential zoning. We specialise in demonstrating this type of population impacts.

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