Housing opportunity analysis

Understand the full scope of opportunity for more housing in your area

In a climate of housing shortage, there is an opportunity to encourage well-located and well-designed higher density development across Australia. Thriving activity centres attract people and investment as well as reduce travel times, improve road congestion, target climate concerns and improve the economic productivity of an area. 

We work with councils to calculate the demand for and consumption of homes, assess which areas have the most potential housing opportunities, and identify the total opportunity for connected living within communities.

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A bolder vision for your community

Our methodology is designed to take a step back and find the greatest opportunity for housing development in your municipality. Where standard analysis often focuses on capacity within existing constraints, we look beyond the limitation of current zoning etc to paint a picture of how your area could develop to meet the needs (social and economic) of a growing population.

The output is designed to paint a practical vision which can be used to inform Councillors, the community and other stakeholders about the opportunity for and benefits to well-designed housing infill.


Understand the potential of your centres

Successful higher density development requires that it is well-located, well-designed and integrated into the fabric of its community. Here at .id, we are big believers in the importance of centres and have more than 25 years of experience working with councils to help encourage higher density living within their communities.

Using a typology assessment, we can help you determine which centres are best suited to achieve higher densities. Our analysis considers the following.

  • Access to public transport
  • Level of services and retailing
  • Access to major institutions
  • Urban integration
  • Environmental measures
  • Economic productivity

Answer the right questions

Our approach to identifying your housing opportunity looks at the demand, supply and opportunity by answering the following questions about your area.

  • Who lives here?
  • Why types of dwellings do they live in?
  • How affordable is housing?
  • Who is leaving? Why?
  • Who is arriving? Why?
  • Where is residential development occurring?
  • Where are the opportunities for future development? What types of development?
  • What are the benefits to the community, the economy and the environment?

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