Key worker housing affordability analysis

A sustainable economy and liveable community are based on the interplay between the industries and the workforce located in the area, the economic role of the wider region and the demographic role of the community. In this context, key workers play an important role in servicing the needs of residents, workers and tourists, as well as being an important source of labour for local economies. 

We work with councils to understand their key workers, articulate their role in the local economy and quantify their ability to live close to work.

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Essential workers are ... essential

Fewer workers living close to their places of work can diminish the liveability, attractiveness and service provision of communities. Without an adequate level of key worker labour supply that can afford to live close to work:

  • local industry will face additional costs and experience impacts on competitiveness (e.g. job retention, recruitment costs, etc ).

  • workers will face additional costs in the form of transport or housing, resulting in a fall in disposable income and leisure time, which in turn, impacts the local economy and the liveability of residents.

This mismatch between industries and the workforce has implications for economic growth and the success of key employment precincts.


Understand key workers at the local level

Understanding local key workers – who they are, their occupations, where they live nad how they travel to work, their housing situation – empowers decision-making that benefits everyone.

Understanding key-worker transport patterns informs transport infrastructure planning. Understanding housing affordability for particular occupations can be used to attract investment in housing for workers from developers and industry. The list goes on.

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"It’s been great to have access to such a strong evidence base to inform our policy development. The depth of understanding from the .id team, and their ability to translate data into insights has been critical to the success of our work."
City of Melbourne

We can help

With more than 25 years’ experience working directly with Local Governments and other organisations across Australia, our combined expertise in local economies, demographics and housing makes us uniquely placed to assist in this area.

  • Identify local key occupations and workers

  • Articulate their role in the local economy

  • Profile workers' demographic characteristics and socio-economic situation

  • Review housing affordability for key workers

  • Project future needs

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Key workers and housing affordability in the City of Melbourne

Case study

We undertook research to identify key workers in the City of Melbourne: their importance to the economy, their demographic profile and their ability to live close to where they work.

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Parramatta key worker analysis

Case study

.id’s economic analysis of Parramatta’s key workers highlights the relationship between housing affordability and economic growth.

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