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Population and dwelling forecasts

As a subscriber to our National Forecasting Program you have access to new and future forecasts, insights and updates for the 51 priority areas on our forecasting roadmap. This page outlines what's included in the program, what makes our forecasts different, the forecast outputs, the places we forecast, where we're up to our roadmap, and an introduction to the team who will be supporting you.

Core product

Subscribers to the National Forecasting Program can access the following subscriber-only datasets. 

Subscriber benefits

Subscribers to our National Forecasting Program also get special access to our experts and insights.

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Why we're different

Traditionally, population forecasts are published in a big bang: infrequently and for entire jurisdictions. As this model is slow to respond to significant new information, these forecasts become quickly outdated, and decision-makers have to come up with caveats and interpretations of the forecast data, clouding the insights on offer and reducing confidence in decision-making.

We take a different approach. By forecasting a region-at-a-time, we focus on the fastest-changing parts of Australia and regularly release new forecasts and updates to existing ones. This means we can respond quickly to significant new information, providing decision-makers with an up-to-date and detailed analysis of how significant changes in government policy, planned development or black-swan events like the global pandemic are likely to impact their planning and strategy. 

Here are a few of the reasons our forecasts are trusted by Australia's largest organisations to mitigate risk and inform significant planning and investment decisions.

A consistent source

We use a consistent, independent methology for all parts of Australia, giving you a reliable evidence base that is comparable across jurisdictions.

Flexible forecasts for custom catchments

Our forecasts are produced for micro-geographic areas that can be aggregated to create forecasts for custom catchments.

Demand-adjusted development forecasts

We comprehensively research planned development and forecast the location, timing and sequence of sites to come online by assessing the demand from the forecast population.

Have your say on our roadmap

We go where our clients are making decisions. As a subscriber, you can provide input to the next locations on our roadmap.

Geographic outputs

Our forecasts are produced as Small Area Forecast information (SAFi) - our custom micro-geographic units that give our forecasts their flexibility and detail. 


Small Area Forecast information (SAFi) is our own custom SA1-derived geography that provides greater detail in future growth areas.


SA1s are designed to maximise the geographic detail available for Census of Population and Housing data.


SA2s represent a community that interacts together socially and economically.


SA4s are the discreet regions for which we forecast population at the sub-state level.

The roadmap

We produce our forecasts a region-at-a-time. So where are we going next?

Our National Forecasting Program is focused on 51 priority regions (SA4s) across Australia that cover the majority of the addressable market for most Australian businesses. By forecasting a region-at-a-time, we can more regularly deliver insights to our subscribers, respond to significant new information and stay up-to-date by focusing on the fastest-changing parts of Australia.

You can register to be notified when forecasts are available in an area of interest to you here.

Region (SA4)
Published - 3rd April 2023
Published - 21st March 2023
Published - 10th March 2023
Published - 22nd Feb 2023
Read more about how we're planning for the release of 2021 Census and population data in our roadmap and work program.
Published - 14th November 2022
Published - 1st November 2022
Published - 24th October 2022
Published - 4 October 2022
Published - 13 September 2022
Published - 30 August 2022
Published - 2 August 2022
Published - 12 July 2022
Published - 10 May 2022
Published - 15 March 2022
Published - 26 January 2022
Published - 25 October 2021
Updated - 10 September 2021
Updated - 10 September 2021
Updated - 24 August 2021
Updated - 24 August 2021

Our coverage

We focus on providing up-to-date and detailed forecasts for the fastest-changing parts of Australia because these are the areas where Australian businesses are making significant planning and investment decisions to provide services for future communities.






For areas outside the 51 priority regions on our forecasting roadmap, please contact our team to discuss your requirements.  For roadmap regions that are on our priority list but are yet to be produced, contact our team or register here to be notified when forecasts for these areas are available.

Australia's largest team of specialist population forecasters

The micro-geogrpahy forecasts for the National Forecasting Program is produced and maintained by the Location Decisions team at .id (informed decisions).


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