Population forecasting

See the future in sharper detail

We use our in-depth knowledge of people and places to forecast how populations will change over time.

Our independent population forecasts help local governments and businesses understand the impact of population change, ensuring resources are allocated in the right place, at the right time.

Forecasting future populations

Gain unprecedented insight into demographic demand, housing and households

Enjoy the benefit of hindsight

Work with Australia's largest team of population experts

Granular insights

.id’s population modelling is built with hyperlocal dwelling and development inputs. Our population forecasts let you see information at a micro-geographic level so you can drill down to see how populations, housing and households will change in the smallest possible geographic areas by single years of age.

Team of expert forecasters

Australia’s largest team of population forecasters draw on detailed development and housing drivers to model demographic information into the future. Our close relationships with local government development gatekeepers and the development industry help us ground truth our assumptions.

Independent modelling

As the population experts, we provide independent forecasts used by businesses, organisations and local governments across Australia and New Zealand. We combine the best of ‘top-down’ and ‘bottom-up’ methodologies and modelling that is free from political aspirations.

Underpinned by living detail

Things change. That’s why we update our assumptions on a regular basis. Population forecast information is only as good its assumptions, so it makes sense to use information with inputs that are reviewed and revised regularly.