Campbelltown Economic Profile, 2018


Campbelltown City


The council needed a high quality evidence base to inform the development of economic strategies and investment priorities. Some of the challenges included:
1. What are the likely impacts of the Western Sydney Airport on the local economy?
2. Which industries are likely to drive growth into the future?
3. How can Council take advantage of economic opportunities?


Our economics team presented an economic story about the Campbelltown City economy to show its role as a regional service centre with traditional strengths in manufacturing and freight and logistics. But like many areas, the City is facing challenges due to local and macro economic factors.


.id prepared a story about the Campbelltown City economy that is being used to inform economic development plans, advocacy and investment priorities.

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Campbelltown City Council asked .id to analyse the economic drivers of the local economy. The objective of this study was to build an evidence base that could set the strategic direction for economic development strategies and investment attraction material. We were also asked to evaluate the economic impacts of several interventions including the Western Sydney Airport.

Our method

To meet this objective, .id provided Council with an economic story about Campbelltown and its place in the regional and larger macro environment. Our approach was designed to better inform Council about the locations strategic strengths, weaknesses and gaps and how these have developed overtime, rather than repeating factual statements and presenting data.
We also developed an Economic Development Prioritisation Framework to help Council make strategic decisions about alternative options.

Our report covered the following:

  • Economic role and function
  • Local economic trends
  • Industry sector analysis and competitive advantages
  • Spatial economic form and implications
  • Macro economic forces influencing growth
  • Challenges and opportunities
  • Evaluation of economic development options


Based on this work, our evidence base is now being used by Council to inform economic development plans, advocacy and investment priorities.

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