Economic appraisal of a new cinema complex in Kempsey


Case Studies

The Client

Kempsey Shire Council (NSW)


Understanding the economic benefits and costs of a significant regional infrastructure development project.


.id modeled the full flow on effects of the project with the Economic Impact Assessment tool.


The $6m Kempsey cinema complex development was awarded $2m in government funding.

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Kempsey Shire Council received a $2m grant from the National Stronger Regions Fund for a development of a cinema complex in the Kempsey CBD. 

The successful funding application was evidence-based using economic modelling provided by .id’s consulting team and socio-demographic data from

The cinema complex is expected to play an important role in responding to Kempsey’s economic volatility and high unemployment rates.

Business Challenge

What are the economic benefits and economic impacts that could be generated by a $6 million cinema development in the Kempsey CBD?

How does this project contribute to economic growth in the region?

The .id Solution

.id established an assessment framework and used its Economic Impact Assessment tool to model the economic and wider benefits of the proposed cinema located in the Kempsey CBD, NSW.

The framework assessed estimated benefits and costs over a 20-year period, consistent with Treasury guidelines for the evaluation of capital projects.

The framework included estimates of:

  • Increased revenue from cinema ticket sales
  • Increased tourism expenditure from non-cinema sales
  • Potential need for a cinema

The modelling included:

  • Benefit Cost Assessment
  • Economic Impact Assessment
  • Net Present Value
  • Benefit Cost Ratio

Outcomes - Data Driven Success

A strong and diverse CBD is becoming an increasingly strategic advantage for regions. CBD’s are critical in terms of responding to growth in the service sector economy and leveraging off the benefits of agglomeration. A cinema is considered an essential building block for a successful CBD by driving visitation, length of visit, multi-purpose visits and expenditure. Cinemas also play an important role in the night time and tourism economy, increasing the hours of trading and extending the regional catchment of the CBD.

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