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Urbis is a professional services firm that invests in .id’s small area forecasts (SAFi) because population trends are a key input in many of their projects. The firm advises on the use, development, investment and governance of property, cities and communities. In Australia, they have offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth and work in a range of areas, from major CBDs to small rural towns.

The SAFi forecast data is mostly used by their Economics and Market Research (EMR) team, which includes property and retail economists and consumer researchers.

Their work requires an understanding of local demand drivers, including when particular population levels are likely to be reached in the future. Urbis sees a number of benefits to incorporating .id’s knowledge and expertise in this regard:

  • Their key clients include major shopping centre owners, managers and retailers across the country. The SAFi data covers many of these markets and provides a clear and consistent evidence base when we provide advice on multiple client assets.
  • They also provide advice to residential developers, investors and funders; small area information and intelligence is important to understanding the local markets for individual projects.
  • The forecasts are based on an extensive range of small area data that is generally not available elsewhere.
  • Many of Urbis’s clients are familiar with .id and their reputation as population and demography experts.
  • The forecasts are independent, which is consistent with their own philosophy for professional advice and services.

Learn more about .id’s Small Area Forecast information (SAFi) here.

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