Analysis from by the National Forecasting Program

This page shares analysis to accompany our population, housing and development forecasts for each region of Australia.

All the forecasting services from .id (informed decisions) are powered by data from our National Forecasting Program. This unique research project develops forecasts of population, housing and residential development for the Nation, each state and territory, each region, and detailed local area forecasts for each of the 15,000+ suburbs across Australia.

The program follows an annual cycle, with new forecasts completed one region at a time.

National forecasting program  Cycle diagram (1)

Where can I see local (small area) forecasts?

We publicly share our forecast results and analysis down to a regional level. Our detailed local area forecasts are made available via a range of forecasting services, from one-off reports to data partnerships.

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New South Wales

Western Australia


_DRC  State to regional forecast  Queensland


We set the context for our local area forecasts with a presentation of our state and regional-evel forecasts for Queensland.

Learn what's driving change and how much growth will go to each region of the state over the 25 years to 2046.

Access the presentation slides or watch the full webinar presentation on demand.


South Australia


Northern Territory

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